Jennifer Lambert

Jennifer became an "instant yogi" during her first yoga class a little over 6 years ago. Yoga gave her a feeling she had never felt before, and she craved it again and again. Jennifer attended classes almost every day and yoga became her companion through some of the most tumultuous times of her life. Her yoga instructors had such a profound impact on her life that in February of 2009 she decided to "pay it forward" by learning to guide others through their yoga journey.

Jennifer's yoga journey is by no means complete, in fact sharing her journey with both her students and her teachers makes her extremely happy. She says, "Yoga taught me to find the joy in my life, to find happiness even during the bad times. It taught me to love both the light and the dark within myself and for that I will always be grateful."

Jennifer currently coaches Teacher Training and loves it because she loves to pass on knowledge to her students and in turn learn from them. Where the journey starts is such an exciting time and Jennifer is honored to be part of such a wonderful time in her students life.